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Alpha Paging

Alpha Dispatch is a convenient, time saving feature that benefits both companies and individuals. Most importantly, it can be an effective tool to manage your cell phone and long distance charges.

For paging companies, Answer Quick's alpha dispatch services can set you apart from your competition. You would be able to give all your alpha pager customers one phone number that is fully automated. The caller hears a short preamble, then enters the alpha pager number he wants. If entered properly, he hears the person's name whom he is calling. He records his message, which is immediately transcribed by one of our professional telephone secretaries. The message is sent within minutes to the proper alpha pager. This is quick and easy for even the most unskilled users. For those rare occasions when a person does not know the alpha pager number, he would record a message in a "generic" box. Then our phone secretary will make sure the message gets to the right person. Almost every feature can be removed or restored easily. Some of the most used features include:

  • Alpha Paging Serial Numbers automatically adds a per account serial number to an alpha packet. Serial numbers can be set to roll over daily, or at 9, 99, 999 or 9999 pages.
  • Alpha Paging Date & Time Stamps automatically inserts a time and date stamp to a page. This feature is optional, by account.
  • Packet Counts we count each packet of a segmented page individually.
  • Packet/Message Limit allows you to sell clients subscribed service levels (e.g. 100 pages per month). When the service level is reached, the client's service may be disabled (or switched to a sub-account with an announcement) automatically.
  • Packet Limit Warning alerts clients that their subscribed service limit is being approached so that they can subscribe for additional service. After the alert, the client's usage percentage is included with each packet.
  • Scheduled Transactions allows you to setup future reminders to be sent to the alpha.

Individuals may want to set up a personal alpha accounts. With personal accounts, you have a unique phone with the option of keeping everything automated or using live telephone secretaries to transcribe the message directly from the caller. Your phone number is answered with your name, by a friendly, professional phone secretary. Some of the benefits of this service include:

Even faster service to receive your alpha pages. Only one phone number for your friends, family, and associates to remember. No limits on the number of pages or packets sent. Message assurance with this class of service gives you the opportunity to see past messages and get info otherwise lost with other levels of service.

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