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Customer Service

Answer Quick plays an important role in retaining loyal customers and keeping outstanding customer service fundamental to your business. We enhance your customer service capabilities with knowledgeable, highly trained customer service representatives (CSR's) available to address your customer's concerns and problems. By using "live operators," simple problems are handled over the phone - saving your company time and money while giving your customer instant gratification. The CSR's also have a one-on-one rapport with customers by responding to questions or providing information on specific items. This is essential to retaining your current customer base and to building a larger base with new clients.

Answer Quick CSR's respond to calls in a prompt, professional manner. We have the staff and CSR's to handle calls from all types of media including: television, print, radio, mailers, etc. The following is a list of several types of calls:

  • Alpha Numeric Paging & Dispatch
  • Business and personal messages
  • Sales lead information
  • Orders for products and/or services
  • Scheduling reservations and appointments
  • Catalog or Brochure requests
  • Pre-employment screening

With Answer Quick's help, even under extreme operating conditions, your customers receive immediate help from friendly, helpful CSR's. In addition, your customers never receive a busy signal or hear an endless ringing if no one is available at your business. You receive the help you need during special promotions or seasonal business increases, while enjoying the benefit of extending your business hours every day.

Answer Quick..We never rest so you can! Call now toll free! (888)766-1111

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