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Answer Quick's Disaster Planning Tips

For both our customers and employees, safety is the number one priority. To help customers prepare, Answer Quick is providing important communication tips for use before, during and after a storm.

If you have a wireless device that provides access to the Internet, use it to track the storm and access weather information.

Keep your wireless device's batteries charged at all times. The number one concern during and after any disaster is the element of power loss. Remeber to have an alternative plan to recharge your battery in case of a power outage, such as having either a car charger, extra, and/or disposable mobile phone batteries.

Have a business communication plan in place. Answer Quick Telecommunications serves as a central contact, and will make certain that all calls to your business will be answered by a live operator, who will in-turn record a message for your busineses' access at anytime

Keep all emergency contacts and personnel numbers safe by saving them in an Answer Quick business directory. Our business directory will keep track of a wide range of personnel information for any person/company needed. Criteria include different business and fax numbers, both physical and e-mail addresses, company titles and affiliations, etc.

Forward your business number to the Answer Quick emergency line in the event of an evacuation. Because call forwarding is based out of the telephone central office, you will get incoming calls from your landline phone even if your local telephone service is disrupted at your home or business.

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