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Emergency Service

In today's business environment, your company must have an Emergency Administration Plan that keeps your company viable and functioning even in the face of a catastrophic event. Our comprehensive Emergency Administration Plan helps your company survive, and even thrive, during a most difficult time.

Your phone lines are your windows to the world. Do you have a backup plan if your phone lines go down? Your website and email are your storefront to the digital world. Who will respond if you do not have access to your servers or PCs?

Whether it is a natural phenomenon or a man made disaster, you must provide your employees and their families, along with your clients and other business partners, the confidence of knowing that your company is prepared for even the most unthinkable of circumstances.

Finding good employees is one of the most difficult things to do. You do not want to lose them because of some crisis for which your company has not planned. If your building is evacuated or forced to close, how will your employees or customers contact you? How will you get information to them? How will family members find out what to do?

These are just some of the crisis situations that companies fail to plan for until it is too late. Answer Quick helps you set up a comprehensive plan so your business continues at some normal operation level during a difficult time. We tailor a plan to fit your business needs because we have years of experience in "Crisis Management," "Emergency Preparation," and "Disaster Recovery" situations for many businesses. Your plan may include the following:

  • Business Line Handling
  • Employee Communication/Instruction Line
  • Family Communication Line
  • Client Information/Concern Line
  • Media Information Line
  • Product Recall Line
  • Offsite Data Storage

We offer affordable plans - as little as $40/month - for automated response services. You may prefer the comforting voice of one of our highly trained Telephone Representatives to handle these emergency calls. Don't wait until it is too late! Give your employees, clients, business associates, and yourself peace of mind that your company is prepared and will continue to prosper. Call today for your plan of action!

Answer Quick..We never rest so you can! Call now toll free! (888)766-1111

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