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Increasing Internet Sales

Whether you are a large multi-national company or a single proprietorship, the Internet has provided a unique way to sell your products. For the large company it provides yet another means of reaching potential customers. For the small business it provides an unparalleled way to compete for business. Answer Quick can help all sizes of businesses marketing products on the World Wide Web.

We can handle all of your telephone orders, just after-hours orders, or just the overflow from your own call center. Our highly trained operators can process your orders just as if we were in your offices. We'll assign you a toll-free number which you can use in your advertising or simply to forward your order line to.

Even if you have highly secure servers to take credit card information, a significant number of people feel more comfortable speaking with a live operator. That human touch is often the difference between a shopper and a buyer.

Our service is extremely flexible. We can manage your inventory within our own computers. We can process credit card information. We can enter orders into your own computers via remote login or via the web. You name it, we can customize a service to do it.

For more information call Allan Fromm at 800-723-0000 or send e-mail.

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