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Twenty four hour customer service is quickly becoming the standard in the financial lending industry. Turn on your television, radio, or browse through your newspaper. You will find many of your local competitors, and virtually all national lenders, offering the convenience of twenty four hour customer service, and credit data processing. Consider the following:

  • More than 30% of all business calls occur after normal business hours. This percentage will continue to increase as more and more companies add the convenience of twenty four hour customer service and credit data collection. Is your business prepared to accept these calls?
  • Most aggressive advertising is targeted for prime time evening hours and weekends. Can your business accept calls and credit inquires from the growing number of customers who demand the convenience of twenty four hour access?
  • Television info-commercials generally televise during nights and weekends. This has become a very effective tool for marketing financial services. Can your company process the additional calls and credit data collection requirements needed to benefit from such an advertising program?
  • Classified advertising is most effective on weekends, when circulation reaches its peek. Is your office open and prepared to respond to you customers needs?
  • National lenders continue to take more and more of your business by utilizing aggressive advertising strategies and reaping the benefits of twenty four hour customer service and credit data collection. Is your business prepared to content with the changes taking place within your industry?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions, your business can benefit from the services provided by ANSWER QUICK. We help you achieve your marketing goals and create a positive company image by providing live, knowledgeable, highly trained customer service representatives. We also offer a lead capturing program that allows us to collect your requested credit information, and process this information to you via fax the very next working day. The ability to provide these services to your customers, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, has become an essential element in all areas of financial lending.

ANSWER QUICK can structure a program that meets the individual needs of your company. We can assist with overflow calls during peak hours of operation, and provide all of the above mentioned services during after business hours and on weekends. Our state-of-the-art computer system and friendly customer service representatives guarantees that your business is represented in a highly professional manner. There's very little, if any, additional advertising cost. Just tag your current advertisement with "7 DAY'S A WEEK, 24 HOURS A DAY CREDIT APPLICATION ACCEPTANCE".

We also understand the importance of cost effective data collection and transmission. Generally, it takes two - three minutes for us to capture your requested credit information. Therefore, the cost to collect information with an average volume of 20 - 25 applications per month would be around $2.50 per application. Just one additional new account accepted per month would more than pay for our service. So stop those customers from turning to your competition when your not available...and let ANSWER QUICK enhance your lending opportunities!

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