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Profit Center

In today's economy, many of our clients have asked us to help generate more sales!

We do this with our new "Profit Center Service", by calling your customer base and offering a "special" on your products or services. It is easy to get started. Tell us what "special" you will offer this month and our trained CSR's will place calls for you and keep track of the responses.

Here is a good example of what we can do for you.

We are contacting all of the customers of a large plumbing, heating and air service. We offer a 20 Point check up of their heating system. The normal price for this service is $179.00. For a limited time only this same service is available for $99.00. We have generated $13,265 in additional revenue that would have not been collected with out our profit center service!

We have raised thousands of dollars for our Public Broadcasting Services, by contacting donors and asking them to make a second contribution this year.

Please call us for more information about how ANSWER QUICK's new "Profit Center Service" can help your organization. Answer Quick 888-766-1111 ext.140

Answer Quick..We never rest so you can! Call now toll free! (888)766-1111

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