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Tip Line

Our highly skilled operators are available 24/7 to manage your tip line no matter what the subject matter. Whether your organization is a law enforcement agency trying to track a serial killer, a business soliciting confidential suggestions, or you want to provide a safe venue for whistle blowers Answer Quick has a solution for you.

Crime Stoppers

We can customize a service which precisely meets your needs. We can, at your option, maintain an audio record of the call, maintain a database of calls, e-mail or FAX the tips, or dispatch emergency personnel. Whatever your need is, we can create a system to meet it.

Here is an excerpt from the book "An Invisible Man", written by author Stephanie A. Stanley, about our serial killer information hot line:

In the summer of 2002, few men in the city of Baton Rouge escaped at least a moment of suspicion--from their neighbors, coworkers, workout partners, wives and girlfriends, or strangers. When the task force set up its tip line, the phones rarely stopped ringing. No one realized how many weird, dangerous, and threatening men lived in southern Louisiana. And suddenly, they were all suspects. The first few weeks of the investigation, the tip line fielded more than 3,500 calls.

The volume of tips was so overwhelming, the task force subcontracted the job out to a local answering service, Answer Quick. The Baton Rouge firm's employees were not police officers, but they were trained to collect as much information as possible about the tip: a name, car make and model, license plate, suspicious activity, criminal record, etc. The tips were then typed and e-mailed to the task force command center at the city's Office of Emergency Preparedness, which received the information almost instantly.

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